Are you?

I’m afraid of you.

The way you make me feel; it’s like standing at the ridge of a tall building. Hypnotizing it is, as if the ground gradually pulls my soul into itself. Thus, I had the sudden urge to jump for no logical reason. Then suddenly, I just found myself falling. But as I begin to gain speed, as I go deeper and deeper, as my body move towards its certain destination: I begin to realize; I begin to feel; the unbearable, excruciating pain that is waiting for me as soon as I converge into the ground. And the worst part is there is nothing I could do; I’m helplessly falling and bound to get hurt.

You are a risk I don’t want to take. Sorry if I’m craven. But I’m just protecting this fragile blood-pumping organ of mine. Call me a coward if you must, I’m just using what’s in my head, not what’s in my chest. Because even if you’re just another girl in a university of eight thousand people; Even if it might have been just a happy coincidence that the two of us met.  You can’t help if I see it in you, everytime I look into your eyes. You are definitely the type of girl who’s inevitably, eventually, going to break my heart.

But, are you?