If a passing grade requirement of thirty percent isn’t an insult enough to our class’s intellectual capacity, the mere fact that out of the thirty five of us, not even one made it to the other side proves our professor’s point.

Okay, so we are second takers. We took this subject the first time and failed, so here we are. This should be a lot easier since first, this is us taking it the second time around, the learning from the first take is already there and a little polishing of skills should do the trick. Second, from 45%, the passing line was dropped by 15% in order for us to cope up and get a better grade to balance out our GWA.

But what is this chaos? I can’t blame our professor. He teaches everything that we need to know. In fact, he even gave us extra classes in order for us to cope up with everything. Then, he lessened the coverage of our exam so that we could focus on lesser topics. But still, in the end we were like “what the fuck is this shit?”

Only proves that a weekend of studying is not enough to pass higher mathematics. As what our professor said once, “if you want a grade of 3, then you should work hard for it”. Alrighty then. I’ve got the holy week for monday’s exam.

They forgot about intersecting lines tho. Two lines meeting only once, then drifting apart from each other forever. That’s even sadder than tangents!

I heard a voice inside me screaming your name. But my walls are thick enough to silence the wailing. My facade will tell you that no damage was dealt to my defenses. This is love, and like war, I shall show no weaknesses. But behind my iron gates will unravel my fragile structure, my ruptured foundations and broken columns. I proved to be strong and intimidating outside, but not all the way through. I let you in, not knowing you’re the trojan horse. You are my dream but you are a nightmare. A storm should be named after you. And like a hurricane, you left me devastated inside. But my walls are still standing. I shall build my structures again. Thus, for the meantime, I will hide inside these walls.