There are precisely as many numbers between zero and one as there are between zero and two. ‪#‎thefaultinourℝ‬

HAHAHAHA! Math111 namon



I was browsing posts on 9gag when I stumbled upon this post about a dog that died. Then right after that, my torrent on Big Bang Theory s7ep22 finished downloading. I found out that it was about the death of one character in the TV series.

I don’t know. It’s like something is telling me to do something worthwhile in my life. Live everyday like it’s your last. Instead of just doing my daily eat-go to class-sleep-internet routine. Now that I think about it, Holy shit, what the fuck have I been doing the whole time?

Maybe I should start putting “life” into my life. Maybe the reason that I am having suicidal thoughts is that I have nothing to live for. I’m breathing, but practically I’m dead, or a robot (both of them are not living).

Or maybe I should sleep. I’ve got an activity to do in a couple of hours.