An essay for our Humanities

Generally, I such at arts. I have a percentile rank of 14 in “creativity” as what the result of my NCAE suggests when I was graduating in high school, thus,m I am advised to take a course that’s not related with fine arts, theater arts, ARTS.

My drawings are at par with that of a 6-year old’s. I draw the sun like a sea urchin sliced in half. It’s impossible to distinguish between my drawing of a moon and a banana. And the best portrait painting I can make is a stick figure with a face made of a colon and a capital letter d. Now, if anybody would tell me that a stick figure is an acceptable artistic creation, then I must be an artist!

Though lately, I have learned to draw skulls, horns, baphomets, demons, and other dark things. It just happened when I got depressed by five consecutive failing exam scores, losing bets in basketball and DotA, and the worst of all, seeing my crush on a date with her boyfriend. I’ve been into a lot of metal music and the drawings of Shawn Cross. And since then, I can draw skulls and demons! Amazing what depression can do.

But still, I don’t think that demonic drawings would do me good in a wholesome Humanities class. So technically, I such at arts.