Everything you know and see about me is a lie. I am not real. This is all just a trick, and everyone fell for it. Everyone, including me. I am so good at lying, to the point that i believed my own pretentious mask, accepted it as the truth, considered it real. Now I’m lost. I realized that the reality that I believe is a hoax, a sham that I created myself.

Accreditation Blues

After thirty years, at last MSU-GSC’s Mathematics department is going through level 1 CHED accreditation. In line with this, we – the graduating BSMath students – are encouraged [obliged, in fact] to help with the paper works, documentations and other things that are required in order for our department to be accredited. So here we are, binding stacks and stacks of paper at 2:00am. It’s exhausting.

Although, I kinda like it. We are privileged to dine with the faculty during lunch and dinner (for free of course) and, as a graduating student, it’s a good exposure for the office environment. And since we’re working overnight, we are excused from the next day’s classes, which for me is nice because I am sooo tired of going into my classes. I wish they would end already.

Also, this is our chance to get closer with our professors. This night, I conviced my thesis adviser to treat us pizza while working. Now i don’t know if this is work or a pizza party. Nevertheless, It’s fun!