25, Thursday. The first plenary session of the semestral planning had
just adjourned. I and my president were inside our designated rooms
along the representatives from the school paper, the college of social
sciences and the college of business administration when someone came
into my mind. The images of her inside my head were still

 It was during our Intramurals when we first met. Pent up energy
inside me were waiting to be released since the game that we are
supposed to play in was postponed. Thus, I headed back to the basketball
court hoping that I could release some sweat.

I had high hopes
when I heard the bouncing of the ball from the basket’s ring as I
approach the court. Only to be disappointed when I saw that only three
people – a guy and two girls – were playing. Seemed like reality hadn’t
lived up to my expectations. Nevertheless, I joined them. I decided to
test my jumping strength, hence I went for a semi-dunk to know how high I
can go up in the air.

“A little more and you can dunk it”, she said.
“Next year. Watch me.”
“I’ll look forward to it!”

continued shooting then later they decided that we play 2 on 2. I
partnered the other girl while she and the guy teamed. Although it
wasn’t scored, it was clearly a mismatch in favor of us. I had to hold
back a lot because it seemed that my passes were too painful for my
receiver to catch. Then later, just for the fun, I decided to pass it
all to my partner, leaving the dribbling and the rebounds to me. That’s
when it happened.

I went for the rebound and brought the ball
outside the three point line. For some reasons, she was the one guarding
me. I was amused by how aggressive she is about stealing the ball from
me. But my amusement was cut short when she suddenly, I don’t know,
punched me in the balls. She was so aggressive to the point that she’s
gonna take all balls away from me, including the ones that were very
sensitive to pain.

I curled down the floor because of pain while she there stood innocently and laughed at me. What evil. She didn’t even realize that she just killed my child (philosophically). Well, of course, she apologized after she knew. And then we ended our game. After that, I played 5 on 5 with the other people in there with the guy with them. That’s when I got my first elbow dislocation.

Anyway, after that, I sat at the bleachers to rest and massage my dislocated elbow and the three of them decided to go somewhere else. They bid goodbye and that’s when I knew her name.

I thought she was cute. She had these cheekbones that I find attractive.

Apparently, she was one of the officers of their college, Business
Administration and Accountancy. I thought of asking their president
(which is currently in the same room as us) about her, but I decided not
to do it. Oh man, when will I grow my balls back.