What is Love?

Love. A simple four-letter word that no synonym could give its exact meaning. A simple name for a very complex idea. I love you. A three word phrase that summarizes thousands of
feelings and emotions. Almost everyone knows when to say it and what it means.
But when it comes to the point when asked, “what is love?”,

Really, what is love?

Love is always patient and kind. Love is
pure. It is never jealous. Neither it is boastful nor conceited. It is never
rude or selfish. It does not take offense. It is not resentful.

Love is a chemical reaction whereas the
brain releases neurotransmitters, such as norepinephrine, dopamine and
serotonin, that causes a person to feel anxiety and at the same time, euphoria.
Observable effects includes blushing of cheeks, dilating of pupils, increase in
blood pressure, faster heart rate, and on some cases, the inability to talk.

Love is a machine that shits on you
everytime you press the button. But every hundred presses, a chocolate falls.
It’s the best chocolate you ever tasted in your life. Then you realize that you
are willing to get shit on a hundred times more for another one.

Love is like how a dog runs to his master
everytime he comes home.

Love is to meet thousands of people, whom
none of which really touched you. And then you meet this one person and your
life is changed forever.

Love is learned. It isn’t inborn.

Love is a product of coincidence. Being in
the right place at the right time. Finding without searching.

Love is that smile that keeps me going.

Love is when I’m stressed out from
everything, then I see you, and suddenly I found peace.

Maybe, love is

Love is…


I’m a smoker. Yes, I don’t deny it. I’m not proud of it either. Everyday I am asked questions like: “what’s good with smoking”, “why do you smoke”, “why won’t you quit”, “what does it feels like”, “is it really hard to not smoke”, and a lot of others. Some reprimand me to stop for reasons like “it will give you cancer”, “it makes you smell awful”, et cetera. Furthermore, naive people automatically assume that you are no good, a bad influence, and many other negative notions.

I am aware of these things before I started smoking. Yes maybe I made some bad turn in life and I got hooked into it. But it’s in my system now. It had become my oral need, like food and water. To those who ask whether if it’s hard to stop; well yes it’s damn hard. Have you tried not eating anything for a day or two? It’s that hard, only the side effects were different. I believe, most of us smokers wanted to stop. It’s just that we can’t.

Everyone of us had bad habits. It’s just unlucky that this one was mine.


Soooo, while we were restoring the Gym after our exhausting college pageant was held, we found a dead bird lying on the floor. I have no idea how it got there or how it died, but the fact is it was there – cold, stiff, motionless. They can’t decide on what to do with it so they just threw the poor thing into the garbage bag that I was holding. I was like “Can’t we give it a proper burial at least?” but they were “We got no time for that”. So cruel.

It lead me to a thought;

 “No matter what or who you are, when you die, you are same as garbage”. 

Let’s not be all religious and shit saying that “there’s life after death” or “if you believe in this or that you will have eternal life”. Let’s do away with that for a moment. As far as this physical world is concerned, you are just another organism that failed to carry on the respiratory cycle and the only function left for whatever that remains of you is to fertilize plants (or in some cases, be donated for the use of other people). Maybe, slipknot had already figured this out and thus the song “people = shit” was made. Because maybe the only thing that made us superior to all other things in this world is our ability to breathe and think. Take that away and we are just a pile of carbon compounds.

I decided to share this thought with our adviser. He said, “You’re right. But we need to continue picking up these garbage”.

Such heartless people. 

Namimiss ko yung mga araw na gumigising ako na hindi “puta anong oras na?”, “shet late na ako!”, “what the fuck alas-10 na?”, “putragis na alarm!” or “punyeta ang meeting ko!” ang una kong sentence.