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I see Thanos as some sort of natural phenomenon. I think it’s a narrative on us humans. We are relentless in our pursuit of knowledge and advancement, dominating our way in the tree of evolution, to the point that we destroyed balance in nature itself. Thanos is like the inevitable thing that needs to happen in order to restore balance in nature. And we humans are like the Avengers, trying to stop that from happening because we are so convinced that what we are doing and what we believe is right. We believe we can stand even against the force of nature itself. But in the end, it’s our human nature – our flaws, emotions, and impulses – that eventually brought us to our demise.


It started from a “hahaha”, this day a year ago. Who would have thought I’d be committed little shit now?


I remembered during the summer break of my second year in college, while I was waiting for my grades in Math101, I prayed hard and promised God that I will strive harder in my studies if He let me pass this one (It was hopeless that time since all my quizzes got failing grades. Like 5/60 failing). I was overjoyed to have found that I got a 3.0 when I checked the grade query.

Having not kept my promise to the Lord to strive harder, I can’t help but let the tears fall from my eyes as I stared at the two 5.0’s in my report of grades the following semester. I knew I deserved it.

Now, again I asked God to give me this; to pass the ASTHRDP. And if I do, I will do everything to use this opportunity to better myself and to use this gift for the benefit of everyone around me.

I guess God and I have a deal.

I gave up when I realized that I don’t make you any more than I break you. Instead of blooming, you wilt. And that’s not right. You are beautiful and wonderful. And if I’m not the man who can make you feel, treat you like a princess, then I shouldn’t be the one who gets to keep you. That’s why I let you go.

Hey! Get out of my head.
I need to think things through.

Just stay here in my heart.
Keep it beating for you.

Wth am i writing these days?