I remembered during the summer break of my second year in college, while I was waiting for my grades in Math101, I prayed hard and promised God that I will strive harder in my studies if He let me pass this one (It was hopeless that time since all my quizzes got failing grades. Like 5/60 failing). I was overjoyed to have found that I got a 3.0 when I checked the grade query.

Having not kept my promise to the Lord to strive harder, I can’t help but let the tears fall from my eyes as I stared at the two 5.0’s in my report of grades the following semester. I knew I deserved it.

Now, again I asked God to give me this; to pass the ASTHRDP. And if I do, I will do everything to use this opportunity to better myself and to use this gift for the benefit of everyone around me.

I guess God and I have a deal.