You are the thoughts
That keeps me wide awake
When it’s four in the morning

You are the joy
That I find in the rain
When it’s hot and dry

You are the home
That I’ll come back to
When the day is done

You are the butterfly
That flaps its wings in my stomach
When I hold your hand

You are the cigarette
That I smoke
When you said you’ll kiss me so i’ll stop

You are the rule
That i’ll abide
When I need to make a decision

You are the plan
That I’m working on
When everything falls into place

You are the one
That I’m sure of
When I’m not sure of everything

You are the answer
That I found
When I sought reason

You are the regret
That I sighed
When you left

You are the girlfriend
That I never had
When I looked for another

You are the promise
That I broke
When I lied

You are the love
Of my life
That I lost

To RR.