I’m a smoker. Yes, I don’t deny it. I’m not proud of it either. Everyday I am asked questions like: “what’s good with smoking”, “why do you smoke”, “why won’t you quit”, “what does it feels like”, “is it really hard to not smoke”, and a lot of others. Some reprimand me to stop for reasons like “it will give you cancer”, “it makes you smell awful”, et cetera. Furthermore, naive people automatically assume that you are no good, a bad influence, and many other negative notions.

I am aware of these things before I started smoking. Yes maybe I made some bad turn in life and I got hooked into it. But it’s in my system now. It had become my oral need, like food and water. To those who ask whether if it’s hard to stop; well yes it’s damn hard. Have you tried not eating anything for a day or two? It’s that hard, only the side effects were different. I believe, most of us smokers wanted to stop. It’s just that we can’t.

Everyone of us had bad habits. It’s just unlucky that this one was mine.