Soooo, while we were restoring the Gym after our exhausting college pageant was held, we found a dead bird lying on the floor. I have no idea how it got there or how it died, but the fact is it was there – cold, stiff, motionless. They can’t decide on what to do with it so they just threw the poor thing into the garbage bag that I was holding. I was like “Can’t we give it a proper burial at least?” but they were “We got no time for that”. So cruel.

It lead me to a thought;

 “No matter what or who you are, when you die, you are same as garbage”. 

Let’s not be all religious and shit saying that “there’s life after death” or “if you believe in this or that you will have eternal life”. Let’s do away with that for a moment. As far as this physical world is concerned, you are just another organism that failed to carry on the respiratory cycle and the only function left for whatever that remains of you is to fertilize plants (or in some cases, be donated for the use of other people). Maybe, slipknot had already figured this out and thus the song “people = shit” was made. Because maybe the only thing that made us superior to all other things in this world is our ability to breathe and think. Take that away and we are just a pile of carbon compounds.

I decided to share this thought with our adviser. He said, “You’re right. But we need to continue picking up these garbage”.

Such heartless people.