I’m still trying to figure out how metal music works.

Here I am, sitting cheerfully in front of the computer when I decided to listen to some metal (I am a fan of slipknot). I can’t understand why after listening to 2-3 of their songs, I had a drastic change of mood. Like suddenly a wind of depression blew me and I had no other option but to be depressed. It’s confusing since those songs that I listened to were my “cheer-up” songs. Every time I feel like everything’s not the way it should be, I just listen to them and then I’ll feel better.

The funny thing about metal music is, behind all the very loud banging of the drums, all the head-aching screeching of the guitars, and all the incomprehensible screams, a subtle tune is played. But once you heard the tune, it’s all you’re going to hear. It’s going to be your friend when you’re in darkness, and it’s going to be your darkness in the day. Your company in depression, and your depression when you’re fine.