I make plans! And this is new. Cuz i usually don’t. I used to go with the flow and let the current take me wherever. But these past days, I made plans. For the immediate and far future. I even made plans on how I will spend my day. And I was like; “Whut, am I seriously gonna make this happen? Whatever this is my plan after all” and do shit.

I’m kind of in a culture shock right now. Maybe this is because my mother and sister left me here for manila to look for a better way to survive. Ever since I was born, I left my decisions for my mother to make. Where I would go to school, what course should I take, what tuxedo i should wear to prom, even the hell should I eat. What? Mother knows best! But, at 19, they left me here abruptly and suddenly, I need to be independent. So here I am, starting from planning my survival tactic for the day, to designing my future goals.

But the cream of the crop among all of my plans for now is to graduate this December. It is a pretty difficult plan but, what the hell. There is a chance that this could happen and I am gonna gamble the shit out of it. Either way, It’s a win-win situation for me. I bet 4 months of vacation, but the potential prize pool is an advanced graduation with 5 paid months of doing whatever I like. And it’s a pretty sweet gamble if you’ll ask me.

Wow, I even take chances these days! I’m on fire!