this is to the friend who almost mattered.

She told me to write something about her if she passed that physics subject of hers. I know that she can do it. And I thought that by the time that she’s happy about passing that subject, I would have had the words I need to write about her. Well, I have never been so wrong in my life.

“Entertain me”. I don’t know really, how I started to be the “entertainer” of this girl. It was Christmas. She, for some reasons, sent me the message that was supposed to be for her professor. I guess that’s when we started chatting during the wee hours in the morning.

She’s like my algebra book in first year because she asks too many questions, only that her questions are more personal than my book. But like my book in algebra, I find entertainment in answering her queries. Then later i realized that she is not a mathematics book, she’s a novel. And I read her, which is unusual because I don’t read novels.

The thing about reading is that you spend time for it. Then as you read, you subconsciously make the book a part of you. That’s why when you finish reading a good book, it feels like you’ve lost a very close friend. Nevertheless things that you learned from it stays with you forever.

But she is of a different genre. She’s the type of book that only has an introduction, a climax, and a bitter end. The type that after reading it, the first thing that pops to your head will be “what the fuck”. Seriously. What the fuck?

But as a person, I can say that she’s different. A little damaged inside. But I know she’s strong enough to fix herself. She could have almost mattered. But she’s none of my business anymore.