The Coke – Cocaine Equivalence Modulo.

I’m seriously thinking Coca-cola™ is a mild, liquefied form of Benzoylmethylecgonine, also known as cocaine. 

The two substances have similar effects. When taken, both :

  • keeps you awake at night,
  • gives you energy to do shit,
  • messes up with your blood pressure,
  • gives bad effects to the body when intake is excessive,
  • are addictive (seriously, I’m addicted to coke. not cocaine tho. never tried, never will.)

Then it turns out, I’m right; If this is the year 1900! Before, Coke really did have cocaine. The two key ingredients of the infamous Coca-cola™ is Cocaine (which is extracted from coca leaves) and Caffeine (from kola leaves). But the coca leaves part is later changed in order for the company to make a cocaine-free softdrink.

So technically, all that’s acting as a stimulant in Coke now is the caffeine, which also in a milder form establishes the same effects. Well, they’re both amines after all.