There was a 15 minute power outage yesterday. Just perfectly timed when I am about to finish the foundation of my evil plan that I worked on for hours. I was so frustrated that I almost punched the monitor of my PC while yelling “Jesus fucking Christ!”. I never expected the blackout to happen, so whatever it is that I’m doing, it’s not saved, or could be saved for that matter. So, I decided to just go outside and smoked a couple of cigarettes to calm my nerves down. After a couple of puffs, I came into some realization that my “evil plan” was actually evil. I felt more excited about getting it done.

Maybe the look of frustration was obviously drawn on my face, so a friend who happened to also be outside asked about it. So I told my story in a humorous way, ending it with the phrase “Maybe God really don’t want me to do it.”

Then he said, “At least you know that you are not forsaken.”

It struck me.