They said that fun is when you don’t remember anything.

On my 19th birthday, I decided to get shit fucked up and get wasted, and I succeeded. In fact, I am wasted the whole 24 hours of it, with a standard deviation of 12 hours. But what’s special with this “super drunk and wasted moment”, is that my obnoxious other self decided to take over, leaving the real me with no recollection of anything that happened plus bruises, body pains, and very, very bad (and funny) stories.

Apparently, the other me is an atheist who hits on chicks because apparently he’s the most handsome man in town, but is desperately into this brunette chic (whom I don’t even recognize nor remember at all) to the point that he’s willing to be the number 2 just to get a chance with her.

When my friends started telling me these stories the next day, I was just all like, “What the fuck! That can never be me!”, specially the part when they allegedly said that I introduced myself as “Paolo Concepcion, non-believer” to everyone that I meet. This is a contradiction to my character when I’m sober, because first, I don’t introduce myself first (unless I’m required to do so), second, I don’t talk much with people who are not my friends, and lastly and, I believe in a God. So it’s either that they are just making all that up or, I don’t know.

But that’s not all. There was this friend of mine who told me not to drink too much because I’m driving. “kung ang hindi gani hubog madisgrasya, ikaw pa kaya na hubog?” he said. He said that I agreed and behaved, but then when I saw the beer on the table, It seemed as if I was deprived of water for three days when I took and drunk the shit out of it; bottom’s up.

So after a shitload of shame to my name, they decided to send me home. They said, they didn’t let me drive because I’m drunk. But it appears that I would not go home unless I drive on my own. “Naglakat ko di magisa nakamotor, maguli man ko magisa nakamotor”, what a principle in life.

Finally, after so much argument, they decided to just let me drive. Two of my friends followed me home, ensuring that I won’t die on the process. And they witnessed how I first, fell to a canal because I did not hit the breaks while turning right. they helped me bring the motorcycle up then as soon as I got balance, I zoomed into the horizon. They told me that the brake was damaged by then. After a while, on the next turning point, with so much speed and brake malfunction maybe, I bumped into the fences. Then again i stood up and drove again and after a few yards, I lost balance and fell. But then again I stood up and drove until again, I bumped into something and fell again. This time it took some time for me to get up. They told me that my arms were dirty and bloody by then. The headlights of the motorcycle were damaged so as the guard and signal lights. But after some time, I stood up again and drove home.

Hapit nalang ka mapatay gago ka! amo na akig-akig kami sa imo!

A lot of things still doesn’t make sense to me. Like why didn’t i get an ass beating from my uncle, why does it seem that my mother just don’t care, how did my wounds get sanitized, why didn’t I broke a single bone, and a lot more!

But all I know is, It was fun! And everything else is charged to experience.

But all I know is, It was fun! And everything else is charged to experience.