Parallel Lines

I have this friend.

I don’t know. It’s just, at one point in my life, we we’re so close. I would tell her all my secrets, she would tell me hers. We know each other so well. Practically – no – definitely, we’re best friends.

Then suddenly one day, I stopped communicating with her. Just like that. As if she was just another lady acquaintance of mine, like she was nothing special.

I just woke up and suddenly, I feel like I don’t know her. Like, something’s changed. And I’m scared. So I subconsciously decided to distance myself. Make myself cold and bitter and scarce.

I never knew if she’s upset, or did she care at all, or anything. She just moved on. Like that one point didn’t exist at all. It kinda made me feel insignificant though.

It’s my fault. Yes. But I don’t know why.

Then lately I tried updating myself with her. I knew she’s okay. I know she’s happy.

Maybe I should let it be this way.