I have these friends, female to be specific.

I don’t know. It’s just, at one point in my life, we we’re so close. I would tell her all my secrets, she would tell me hers. We know each other so well. Practically – no – definitely, we’re best friends.

Then suddenly one day, I stopped communicating with her, them. Just like that. As if she was just another lady acquaintance of mine, like she was nothing special.

It’s my fault. Yes. But I don’t know why.

I just woke and suddenly, I feel like I don’t know them. Like, something’s changed. And I’m scared. So I subconsciously decided to distance myself. Make myself cold and bitter and scarce. Of course they were upset. But after a while, they move on. Like that one point didn’t exist at all.

But they don’t know i kept on watching them, from a distance. I know they’re okay. I know they’re happy.

Maybe I should let it be this way.