Bad Luck?

Since yesterday, I have been having these losing streak in my favorite PC game, DotA.

I don’t have any idea why the fuck is this happening. 2 wins in 12 games? That shit is beyond human imagination! It’s not that I’ve became weaker these past few days, but the circumstances that when I play badly, no one carries the team and when i play well, my teammates suck like hell align completely perfect. Isn’t it amazing? On the two games I’ve won, one is that it’s completely mismatched (and of course I played well) and the other one we almost lost (but also was a mismatch in favor to us).

It wasn’t a big deal because no gambling was involved and it was just-for-fun series of Local Area Network games, but the fact that the probability of this happening is relatively low, but it happened to me anyway is just utter annoyance. I am blaming luck, but this is something else.

In addition to these bad luck series of events is that I lost my wallet twice in consecutive months, all of my exams in one of my majors have failing marks and I lost the pageant that I could have won if the circumstances aren’t against me.

But according to my horoscope (which I really don’t believe), this year should be lucky for me in terms of socialization, finances and romance. This is proven absurdly incorrect for me so far for the first three months of this year. And again, this is another misfortune for me.

Hence, ever since this year 2014 has entered, I have been experiencing relentless sequences of catastrophic events.

And therefore I conclude, I will die this year. Just kidding! Well, if chances are involved, then I will stick to the Central Limit Theorem. I hope everything balances off before this year ends. And, we’ll see to that.