Bachelor of Science major in Mathematics


There is a common internet trend that when there’s a problem involving numbers and other related shit, they refer to or look for answers from engineers. This is quite a misconception. Do the world even know that WE exist?

Technically, we are the ones who are in authority when it comes to math. Of course, we are math majors. So, if you are not a math major, we can tell you that 0/0 = (your balls) and prove to you that we are correct (actually, it is) and you have nothing to say about that. We have authority in math, and you should believe whatever we say that involves math. HAHAHAHA!

But the problem with us mathematicians is that we are so humble (or later on humbled down by math itself) to claim our throne. We let engineers take the glorious seat of “Math Kings” while we struggle to prove every little fucking math theorem that engineers later on used on their ass crap formulas to determine the maximum strain capacity of bridges. But we don’t care. As long as for us, if a>b, then a-b>0.

So maybe next time, I should start using the phrase “trust me, I’m a math major”.

Naaah, maybe not.