Ambassador of Physical Fitness and Health


First body intake everyday, a bottle of Coca-cola and a stick or two of Marlboro. That is Mindanao State University’s new Ambassador of Physical Fitness and Health. Very, very ironic.

So after 4 hours of sleep, a tournament of basketball, a last minute cram-shopping of shoes and jeans and no dinner, this is where it got me. Actually, I’m thankful, not because I got the place but because I got some brains. I would bet that nobody (even I) saw it coming that I am gonna be a part of the top three pairs for the Mr. and Ms. Physical Education. “You look so dry on stage” says one. “Do you even know how to walk?” says another. “You walk like you’re drunk” says another one. So, if you’re at the back stage and everyone is telling you that you’re awful, what do you normally do? Me? I gave up the idea of winning.

Everything that’s on my head that night is “This is Rex’s fault. He is gonna pay for this”. I was forced to join against my will, told that everything will be provided and there’s nothing to worry about, and finally, left in the middle of the ocean to be feasted by sharks and other unknown sea creatures. The good thing, again, is that I have my brain. Without my brain, I would have been the worst candidate there. No sash from beginning to end. So much humiliation. So at the end of the day, it’s my brain, not my face that will save my ass.

But then, even though it saved me from the picture interpretation, it failed to work on the final question and answer. What is political will anyway?